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Term: Every man and every woman is a Star


This is from Aleister Crowley, and is one of the most important as well as poetic things he ever wrote. There is a dual meaning here:

1) that every one of us is Divine at our core and that our destiny is to make our Whole Person Divine;

2) that we are all evolving towards roles of greater responsibility.

Some have interpreted this to mean that as we become greater can actually become "stars" in the astronomical sense for every planet, every star (sun), every solar system, every galaxy is a living system of similar to a person only on a macro scale. All is consciousness and our source is universal.

The Book of the Law spells out that the Great Work is to unite with and do the will of one's own True Self. Thus, "Every man and every woman is a star" moving in their own orbit, by their own unique nature, not to be diverted into a common mold of uniformity.

AUTHOR:  Carl Llewellyn Weschcke