Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Sasha Graham, author of several books and decks, including The Dark Wood Tarot and the new Magic of Tarot.

The Magic of Tarot is my new book providing everything one needs to create a magical tarot practice. I’ve created this handy A to Z Guide of reminders and things to remember as you fly down the path of tarot and divination. Good luck and cast your cards well!

Always read for you or another’s highest good.
Be kind to yourself and others with the cards.
Court cards represent you, an attitude to adopt, or other people in your life.
Decide ahead of time whether or not you will read reversals (those are the upside down cards).
Every card contains infinite messages if you are willing to receive them.
First and foremost, center yourself, clear your mind, then flip the card.
Great readers cultivate an attitude of curiosity when looking at tarot. If you already think you know everything, then what’s the point of reading cards?
Higher powers exist to assist and guide you. Return the favor with good manners, respect, and gratitude.
Ignore the haters and negative voices inside your head.
Just because your neighbor reads predictive tarot doesn’t mean you have to. Develop your own unique style.
Keep a tarot journal.
Look at the bottom the remaining card stack for a final message to top off the reading.
Maybe that card will keeps popping up because you need to listen to it.
No one in the world reads the cards like you do.
Occult study enriches your tarot practice but first instincts are essential (and usually spot on).
Psychic hits often don’t make sense; say it out loud anyway.
Questions are the most important part of reading. Avoid “why” and “when” questions; instead stick with “how” and “what.”
Respect other people’s privacy and never use tarot to spy or peek into other people’s business.
Suits of tarot align with the four elements: earth/pentacles, air/swords, fire/wands, water/cups.
Tell the story of what you see happening on the card because the meat and bones of Tarot is storytelling.
Use a tarot deck you really love and remove any scary cards that freak you out. You can add them back in later.
Value. People value what they pay for. Don’t be afraid to charge for readings.
When you know yourself, you’ll know more than the best psychic in the world could ever tell you.
Xerox the cards into black and white prints, hand-color, and write personal associations and meanings into them.
Yes, you need another deck.
Zap your fear; it is the quickest way to shut down a tarot reading. You know so much more than you think you do.

Our thanks to Sasha for her guest post! For more from Sasha Graham, read her article, “10 Reasons Tarot Magic is Super Effective and How to Make it Work for You.”

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