An Interview with Sherrie Dillard

1. Your new book is titled Discover Your Authentic Self. How exactly do you define the "authentic self?"
The authentic self is the totality of who you are. Constantly changing and evolving, you are your thoughts, your feelings, and your pure spirit essence and soul. Your authentic self is your center of power and joy.

2. Why is living in tune with our authentic self so important?

Authentic living begins with being able to discern and acknowledge your personal truth, however perplexing or unsettling you may judge it to be. This is the fundamental building block from which all of our successes are built. In your relationships, career choices, and all of the many decisions that you make on a daily basis, it is essential to know who you are. Otherwise, you only create and experience discontent and emptiness.

3. You are a psychic, and many of your previous books have dealt with developing psychic skills (Discover Your Psychic Type) or intuition (Develop Your Medical Intuition). How does our energetic awareness help us become more in tune with ourselves?

Your intuition is the voice of your authentic self. It is the inner compass through which you are guided to those things, people, and experiences that speak to your true self and empower you to live your purpose, express your gifts, and fill you with joy. Beyond your preconceived limitations, past conditioning, and societal expectations, you are a free and creative soul.

4. The book is comprised of 150 essays, including affirmations, meditations, and exercises. Is it important for these to be read and practiced in order?

I wrote the book as a progression of essays that speak to the process of discovering your true self. However, it is not necessary to read the essays in order. I encourage the reader to follow their personal inclinations and skip forward, go slow or go fast, and delve into the material in the way that works best for them.

5. What do you hope readers will take away from Discover Your Authentic Self?

It is not always easy to know and live our truth. Everyday we face challenges, pressures, and influences that subtly (and at times, blatantly) ask us to be someone who we are not. This book was written to be read over and over and guide you through the everyday situations and circumstances that seek to rob you of your truth. My hope is that you will remember its words when you need the reminder that you are a powerful being that is here to live and express all of how you are and to be wildly happy.

About Sherrie Dillard

Sherrie Dillard (Durham, North Carolina) has been a professional psychic, medium, and therapist for over thirty years and she has given over 50,000 readings worldwide. She has taught intuition development at Duke University ...

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