An Interview with Sandra Kynes

1. Your latest book is 365 Days of Crystal Magic, and you just released Crystal Magic in November. What inspired you to write these books?

I've been fascinated with crystals since forever; I mean, who isn't? Actually, my first book fifteen years ago was about crystals. Entitled Gemstone Feng Shui, it was a guide to using crystals in place of the traditional accouterments for the ancient Chinese art of feng shui.

Prior to becoming aware of feng shui, I had been placing crystals all over my house, just following my intuition. While a traditional practice of feng shui can be very complex and uses a lot more than crystals, I found that simplifying it and using only crystals really spoke to me and provided a more structured approach to what I had been doing.

Since that first book, I had wanted to do another one that focused on the magical uses and lore of crystals. I suppose I got a little carried away; the book turned out so large that my editor decided to break it into two books. Although the books are independent, they are complementary.

2. Why is crystal magic so powerful?

I think crystals speak to something deep within us. Yes, pretty, shiny things attract us, but I think it's their energy that really grabs us. It's no surprise that their energy seems so alive; after all, crystals are formed by the dynamic forces of Mother Earth. Because of this, crystals also strengthen and enhance our connection with the natural world. The nuances of their individual characteristics also contribute to their unique power.

3. You've written a number of other books on specific types of magic, such as Star Magic, Bird Magic, and Sea Magic. From where do you draw your ideas?

The world is full of fascinating things and I'm a very curious person. Okay, I'm basically a nerd; I want to understand more about whatever captures my attention. The really wonderful thing is that I usually find some intertwined spiritual or magical significance. That said, having spent childhood summers on the Delaware shore less than a block from the ocean, it was the other way around. The magic of the sea captivated me first and has had a pull on me all my life.

The idea for Star Magic suddenly occurred to me when I was watching a program, probably Nova on PBS (I told you I was a nerd), about the constellations. The program was divided up by the seasons and I thought, "Whoa, this is a guidepost for the Pagan wheel of the year right above our heads!" That set me off down a trail to explore the ancient mythology of the constellations and bring it into a twenty-first century context for Pagans and Wiccans.

I was most profoundly and spiritually touched when the pieces fell into place with my interest in the ancient Goddess-worshipping cultures of Old Europe. The consistent note that resonated with me was the Bird Goddess. For almost twenty-five thousand years, the Divine was portrayed as a woman/bird fusion. Although the role of birds has evolved over time, they have been consistently associated with spirit and divinity. Bird Magic conveys the wonder and meaning I find between the Great Goddess and her most magical and mysterious of creatures.

So basically, I look around and find interesting things. I explore the magic that surrounds me.

4. 365 Days of Crystal Magic is, as its title suggests, a full year of daily crystal magic. Does it need to be followed day by day? Or can readers skip around?

Oh, yes, readers can skip around. Of course, some things are tied to specific dates, but most are interchangeable. If something specific is happening in your life, it's important to work with that energy. Readers should let the crystals and their intuition guide them.

5. Is any previous experience with crystals or crystal magic needed to use 365 Days of Crystal Magic?

No. The introductory material guides the reader through the basics of choosing and preparing crystals. Of course, it contains a little geeky scientific information, too. I think the book also serves as a "refresher" for those who have worked with crystals before. Plus, I like to research and find unique information about my topics, so I think even people who have used crystals for a long time will find something new.

6. What do you hope readers take away from 365 Days of Crystal Magic?

First and foremost, I like to pique people's interest so they go on to explore more of what interests them. No matter how busy life can be, feeding one's mind and soul is important. It doesn't have to take enormous chunks of time; just a little dedication can enrich your journey. So I hope this book inspires people to find their own unique and personal ways of working with crystals.

About Sandra Kynes

Sandra Kynes (Mid-coast Maine) is a member of the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids and the author of seventeen books, including Star Magic, Llewellyn's Complete Book of Correspondences, Mixing Essential Oils for Magic, ...

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