Event:  Astrology by Moonlight, Exploring Moon & Planet Phases Tara Aal & Aswin Subramanyan

Tara Aal and Aswin Subramanyan speak with Nadiya Shah about using the phases of the moon in your natal chart.

Date: From 02/08/2022 to 02/08/2023
Location: Nadiya Shah - YouTube
United States
Website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzKswa5m7pQ

About Tara Aal

Tara Aal (Los Angeles, CA) is the resident astrologer and lead writer for the metaphysical company Sage Goddess. She speaks at astrology conferences, including UAC and NORWAC, and she also writes for various ...

About Aswin Subramanyan

Aswin Subramanyan (Chennai, India) is an astrologer, writer, and publisher. He is a fifth-generation astrologer and the founder of Celestial Vibes, an astrology e-magazine. ...

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