Author Of New World Witchery

Event:  Episode 16 Part 1 S2

In this episode, we are joined by Cory Hutcheson, author of New World Witchery, to discuss the Autumnal Equinox. We cover the upcoming full moon in Pisces, as well as the nine of pentacles.

Creators we are loving this week are Folktober, Kitchen Wichery by Laurel Woodward and the soap at Sea Grape Apothecary.

Date: From 09/17/2021 to 09/17/2022
Location: Coffee and Cauldrons

About Cory Thomas Hutcheson

Cory Thomas Hutcheson (Central Pennsylvania) is the cohost of the popular podcast New World Witchery. He has a doctorate in American Studies with specializations in folklore, religion, and ethnicity from Penn State. He is a ...

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