Author Of Urban Magick

Event:  Urban Magick Workshop

Did you know that magic isn't limited to nature? There's magic all around in the city, as well. Diana Rajchel's book, "Urban Magick: A Guide for the City Witch" collects Diana's personal experiences of working with the city spirit in Minneapolis and San Francisco, and shows where to find the magic and nature in the urban every day. In this online Zoom book re-launch and class, Diana will walk you through what it means to work with urban energies, connect with your city's diverse spiritual ecosystem, and channel the powerful energy running through it. Bring your toughest questions of city, civics, and neighborhood, so we can work together on adding magick to the practical solutions.

Date: 09/18/2021
Location: Grand Rapids Pagan Pride
1101 Richmond St NW
Michigan  49504

About Diana Rajchel

Diana Rajchel began her career planning to serve as clergy and write about all subjects spiritual. It did not occur to her or anyone else to say with what agency she might assume priesthood. The result of this oversight in ...

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