Event:  FREE Book Launch & Webinar: The Self-Love Superpower with Tess Whitehurst

AUGUST 26, 2021 - TUESDAY 5:30-7PM PDT

In this free event, Tess Whitehurst will discuss and offer wisdom from her new book, The Self-Love Superpower: The Magical Art of Approving of Yourself (No Matter What). Experience the liberation, healing, and empowerment that come when you make a spiritual practice out of learning to love yourself. Learn reliable perspectives and action steps that will help you start the journey from paralyzing self-criticism to expansive self-adoration.

Tess Whitehurst

Date: 08/26/2021
Time: 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
Location: Online Event - East West Bookshop Seattle, WA
Website: https://www.eastwestbookshop.com/products/august-26-2021-thursday-5-30-7pm-pdt-free-book-launch-the-self-love-superpower-with-tess-whitehurst-webinar

About Tess Whitehurst

Tess Whitehurst (Boulder, CO) teaches magical and intuitive arts in live workshops and via her online community and learning hub, the Good Vibe Tribe Online School of Magical Arts. An award-winning author, she's written ...

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